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Lower costs with Multiple Benefits

Increased storage Space Increased storage Space

Increased storage Space

Utilise the airspace above store vertically. Recover 80% of your floor space compared to conventional racking. Think smart. Think automation.

Increased Pick Speeds Increased Pick Speeds

Increased Pick Speeds

Pick rates can be dramatically increased using Automation. This is affordable even for smaller and larger companies alike reducing travel time locating parts

Better Ergonomics Better Ergonomics

Better Ergonomics

Automated Storage and retrieval Systems (ASRS) benefit from items being delivered to the pick window called the "golden zone" moving items quickly with less effort.

Our engineers provide top level expertise for any carousel, including leading brands like:

Maxifile Linvar Linpic Linfile Ferris Linspire Kardex Megamat® Sentinel Pharmatriever Remstar Hanel IPN Gwinner Electroclass Bertello vistamag Bertello Eurot |Schwab Linfile Linbin Linspace Lektriever Industriever Euromat Linbin Denolift Interak Elomat Elerbanks Vidir Solutions Alba Couzens Storage systems Sovex Carpet carousel tyre carousel IPN Metalrax AMH Heavy duty Industrial paternoster Stow Electrolux constructor Dexion Global storage solutions Netstock Carousel pick Uhlmann Linnex Vista VLM storage … but if it’s not in the list, don’t worry! We can work with any automated carousel and various storage concepts and tailor our service to your storage machinery needs.

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