Carousel Maintenance

Every Solution from one provider. We are the one stop provider for all makes and models of Carousels and Shuttles. Do you have a fault with your carousel? Cannot get your carousel working? We will get your carousel working where others have failed. Get in contact with Linnex.


We can repair most makes and models of carousels including the most popular brands such as Kardex. Many of the older Kardex machines including the Kardex Lektriever, Industriever, Megamat and Kardex Shuttle NT have many obsolete parts. Please give us a call if your Kardex machine has broken down and needs an urgent repair or you have a Kardex error / fault code and need help to fix the error. We offer a 24 hour breakdown service. We stock a huge range of parts and we can get your carousel up and running.


We are specialists in Linvar / Linpic Carousels from the Linpic Mk1, Linpic Mk2 and Linpic Mk3 machines. We can repair all the Linpic range of machines and we stock all the parts for these types of carousels. We can move and relocate your carousel, repair and replace old controls. Stock management software can also help locate and manage stock from simple stock management to full stock control. We offer a 24 Hour breakdown service.


Linnex are factory trained to help with any fault on any Bertello carousel. We have are experienced with these storage carousels. Please get in contact for any Bertello carousel issue.

Other makes of Carousels Electroclass, Seybold, Jungheinrich

Used Carousel

We have vast range of machines in stock so if you are looking for a used Linpic, Kardex, Megamat, Bertello or Hanel / Haenel storage machine then please check our used “storage system” page. Our stock of machines are always changing and we can help with your storage requirements.

If you have an existing carousel system and you no longer need the machine we can offer you cash for your old machine or offer a part exchange.

New Alba Carousel

If you are looking for a new carousel or shuttle with specific requirements then please check out our New Alba Carousel or New Shuttle page. The Alba Carousel used high quality parts and are not bespoke unlike the other carousels on the market. Off the shelf quality parts with high reliability and affordability. You will not regret the decision to buy Alba!