Moving Storage systems is a large undertaking which requires planning, material
handling equipment and a team of experienced engineers. Let us manage the whole
process for you whilst you get on with running your business.

We can move carousels or shuttles (VLM’s) of the following storage systems:

  • Alba
  • Linpic
  • Linvar
  • Kardex Lektriever and Pharmatriever
  • Kardex Industriever
  • Kardex Shuttle NT and Kardex Shuttle XP
  • Electroclass
  • Kardex Megamat
  • Bertello
  • Vistamag
  • Intertex
  • Hanel
  • Rotomat

If have other material handling equipment new or old not mentioned above please give us a call. We offer the most competitive and complete removal process from start to finish.


In every we case check and test your system once the equipment has been moved.

  • Design
  • verticalStorage

These are few of the reasons why some of our customers have relocated their
vertical Storage machine:

1) The equipment is damaged beyond repair or it needs to be either replaced or removed.

2) If you want to optimize your warehouse floor space and need to move your carousel or vertical lift system in the best location.

3) You are relocating to a new site we will dismantle move and re-assemble your carousel / shuttle.

4) You want to replace the old equipment to part exchange with our new Alba
storage system.

Get things moving. We at Linnex will offer unparalleled service and will complete each job as safely with site survey and risk assessments.

Relocating Your Vertical Storage Carousels

Moving your business premises is almost – if not more – stressful than moving house. It can be a hugely expensive undertaking, almost always involving more logistics and forward planning than a house move, especially if you have to move one or more vertical storage lifts.

Linnex can relocate your vertical carousels for you

All of your removal services are ready to spring into action, all of your clients and suppliers know you’re moving to a new address and you’re gradually ticking off items on that intimidating-looking to-do list. It’s already a lot of work and this is before you start thinking about dismantling your Kardex vertical lift module or your Linvar carousel.

Let Linnex take over your VLM relocation

It’s great when you can delegate the tasks involved in relocating your business to the right people as you know you can trust them to do a good job. This is where Linnex comes in to help you with your storage carousels, as our team has lots of experience in dismantling a wide range of Kardex, Linpic vertical carousel and Alba vertical lift systems.

Your own team will be able to empty out your Kardex Pharmatriever and store all of its stock, but can they dismantle this complex piece of storage equipment safely? Relocating a storage carousel system is a complex process, which is why you should call Linnex to help.

You need professionals to relocate your storage systems

Vertical carousels such as the Kardex Industriever and the Electroclass P150 have many components so that they can perform their functions. If these storage carousels aren’t dismantled and reassembled by experienced professionals then there’s a big risk of rendering the carousel inoperable.

The Line team will start the process of relocating your carousel or VLM units by doing a site survey so we can work out exactly what’s involved at both ends of your move. Occasionally we might need to adapt your storage carousels to fit into their new spaces, but this is all part of the process, so don’t worry.

Linnex will get your vertical storage systems up and running in no time

Whether it’s Linpic, Kardex, Electroclass or Alba, your storage machine is in safe hands with us and we’ll make sure it’s reassembled and running smoothly so you and your business can hit the ground running.

We don’t just pack and transport VLMs for long-distance travel, either. Sometimes you simply need to move your vertical storage carousels to another location within your current premises, so before you think about doing it yourselves, call us.

We’re always ready to chat VLMs here at Linnex, so come and talk to us about your storage carousels and let us make your relocation happen.

If you’re looking for a particular model that’s not listed, give us a call on

0116 287 6633