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  • UpgradesSafety Curtain

Safety Curtain

The safety systems on most older carousels are comprised of top and bottom photocells and safety tripbar.

We can upgrade your old carousel to the latest safety standards by retrofitting a Sick MiniTwin 4 Light Curtain System. This means that should an operator put their hand near the machine whilst in motion, it will stop immediately and ensure their safety.

We can install these on Kardex, Linpic, Megamat and Electrolcass carousels.

  • Design
  • UpgradesLED Lighting

LED Lighting

We can upgrade your old Halogen or Fluorescent lighting on your storage carousel or lift to a new modern LED Solution.

  • LEDs have an efficiency of between 80-90%. This means 80-90% of their energy is turned into light rather than heat.
  • Life expectancy is much higher than halogen or fluorescent lights.
  • LED lights are bright immediately and they can also be turned off and on as many times as necessary without affecting their performance.
  • LEDs don’t contain any toxic compounds or elements like mercury.
  • Design
  • Additional EmergencyStop Buttons

Stop Buttons

Some very old carousels were never fitted with Emergency Stop buttons, others only have one, which can increase the stopping time in the event an issue versus two.

We can install emergency stop buttons and additional emergency stops buttons to improve operator safety.

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