Privacy Policy

Email & phone numbers

We use any email addresses and phone numbers submitted via the website in order to be able to contact you and fulfil your request. We retain this data as an address book in the usual way where appropriate, in case we need to contact you in future or to facilitate services we have been asked to perform.

We do not share this data with any other parties other than when required to by law in providing the services you have commissioned.

We will never sell this data.

If you would like us to remove you from our address book simply let us know via our contact page.


We do not use any cookies that directly identify you.

We may use cookies to temporarily distinguish you from other users of the website to provide services such as chat but these are not retained or processed later in any way.

Other information

We log your IP address to provide the chat services to distinguish between visitors. We also log the IP address of suspicious behaviour such as scanning and spamming for security.

Your IP may be logged by 3rd party services such as Google Analytics or social media widgets.

Email with data queries and removal requests