Vending System

  • Why Choose a Vending Solution.

A Point of use access system for storing and retrieving high value items, tools, PPE and other supplies in various shapes and sizes in small or large automatic self-opening doors. Items are 100% secure with Software to pick and put away items which are available 24/7.

  • LinnDynaBox – up to 936 small and medium parts
  • LinnTablet – Tablets secured individually
  • LinnLockerbox – up to 60 Items secured individually
  • LinnRFIDBox – up to 200 items Secured
  • LinnSupply – Up to 1248 Items secured individually
  • Full Software features as follows:

1.) Automatically Track items who, what and where

2.) Software install and setup standalone or Client / Server

3.) Real time Reports

4.) Unlimited Administrator License

5.) Manage click and collect orders

6.) Manage Loan items

7.) Broadcast your Health and Safety / Security videos on the screen

8.) RFID Badge Readers

9.) Full Warranty including parts and Hotlines (Mechanical + IT) for 12 months

These Vending systems are flexible and scalable over time. These systems have a welded structure for reinforced strength with galvanized inner drum.

Used in the following industries

  • Aerospace Chemical
  • Manufacturing Railway

Used in the following industries

  • Hospital / Pharmaceutical Logistics
  • Electronics Defense