Vertical lift modules and vertical carousels: Who benefits?

When it comes to physical storage locations, finding a place with the best infrastructure is almost impossible. Moreover, real estate pricing is rising at a rapid rate, which has put many people in a jeopardized situation. Not only do they have problems getting the best storage solution, but the process they have to pay is more than the budget plans. This is where the concepts of vertical lift modules and carousels come into play.
Most people are unaware of these new storage solutions for warehouses, garages, inventory units, etc. This is why they cannot make the most out of these solutions. Keeping this in mind, we have described some of the facts you should know about these storage solutions while discussing who can benefit from them.

What is a vertical lift module? What is a vertical carousel?

Like a stack, the items are stored on the vertical axis in a vertical lift module. There will be several levels; in each level, you can store a limited number of elements according to the storage space. A lift or elevator is used to communicate between the levels or move around between them. It runs along the central axis of the vertical stack.
On the other hand, the vertical carousel is an arrangement where multiple carriers are fixed to a chain drive. These carriers cannot move on their own, and there is no place in between to transit from one carrier to another.

vertical carousel

Therefore, a motor is integrated with the system to drive the chain. This way, the carriers move from one place to another. Since a motor powers the entire system, the movement of the carrier can be done in both the forward and reverse direction simply by changing the direction of the motor.

What are the benefits of a vertical lift module?

Since you are now aware of the lift and carousel models, we would like to list some of the advantages you can enjoy with the vertical lift module. In this section, we have discussed how you can benefit from this storage model.

  • Thanks to the presence of the elevator at the central location of the storage arrangement, it becomes easier to move in between the levels where the items are stored.
  • It is easy to carry one item from the current level to another without implementing any automated robot system.
  • The vertical lift module makes it easier to arrange everything properly since you can access the entire level.
  • The vertical lift module is slender in size and much taller. Therefore, the number of levels is more, making it ideal for situations where you need a space to store vast items.
  • There is no need to work with the motorized chain drive since the elevator will help you move between the levels in a person.

What are the benefits of a vertical carousel?

There are several benefits of the vertical carousel that one needs to know. Without knowing about the advantages of this new system, it won’t be easy to decide if the system can be helpful for your business. We have listed some of the significant benefits you will enjoy with vertical carousels.

  • With the motor application, setting the carrier in motion and ensuring the items are appropriately managed becomes easier.
  • The carriers can be moved in either direction. Therefore, you won’t have to wait for the completion of the entire rotatable circle to access the same carrier that you need.
  • The actions are much faster as the carriers are fixed at their place and attached to the chain drive. You can even automate the motion of these carriers to have the maximum benefit of this vertical storage system.
  • The footprint of the vertical storage space is less, which is why it is usually preferred in areas with an overall space crunch.

vertical carousel

Who can benefit from the vertical lift module and carousel?

Before concluding, let’s briefly examine how different sections of people or businesses can benefit from the vertical carousel and the lift modules.

  • Warehousing business: There is no need to relocate or expand the size of the storage solution, thanks to the presence of stacked levels or fixed carriers. These units have so much space inside that one can easily store many items without hassle.
  • Employees: Employees or the workers won’t have to worry about spending too much time finding the level or carrier where the particular item to be packed or displayed is stored. In the VLMs, they can use the elevator to move between the layers, while in the carousels, they will use the motorized chain drive to access the carriers.


This article has illustrated the benefits of using the vertical lift module and the carousels. In addition, we have also discussed how businesses and employees can benefit from these solutions. Thanks to modern storage systems, businesses don’t have to invest much or deal with the hassles of space crunch.

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