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Alba Vertical Storage Shuttle with 5 year warranty

A vertical storage system is also known as a VLM (Vertical Lift Module) / Shuttle or storage and retrieval system. A vertical storage module transports trays via a central elevator retracting and replacing trays with parts to an opening for fast and efficient pick and put away.

Alba Shuttle

The Alba vertical storage lift system can store small, medium and large parts on trays up to 1000kg per tray.

They can be manually operated through the keypad on the vertical lift or for smarter and efficient operations they can be connected to software for full stock management standalone or via the customers ERP / MRP system.

This Alba vertical system is the best Storage system in the market. A proven high end parts storage with low energy consumption. No expensive bespoke components manufactured that tie you to the OEM! Make the smart decision to purchase Alba.

We know the reliability and quality of our machines therefore we will offer you a 5 year warranty as standard on any Alba vertical shuttle and Alba vertical carousel.

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Benefits include:

  1. Higher density storage capacity
  2. Vertical lifts can store small through to bulky heavy items
  3. These systems can store parts away from contaminants, light and is secure
  4. Slow or fast retrieval speeds dependent on the items stored on individual trays

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Alba Vertical Storage Lift