Factory trained Linpic engineers

Linnex have factory trained engineers with decades of experience offering unparalleled service. With such in depth knowledge we can upgrade your control panels, PC Hardware and software quickly and at a very competitive cost.

We can offer a range of services from Service contracts, maintenance and repairs. We provide a range of part and refurbished storage carousels for sale on our website, but with such popular machines you’ll need to check back regularly to catch one. If you have particular requirements contact our office and we’ll do our best to source the best machine for you.

The Linvar / Linpic machines range from Linpic 33 with the following models 3308, 3310, 3312 and 3314 Linpic 40 with the following models 4010, 4012.5 and 4015 Linpic 50 with the following models 5012 and 5015 Linpic 66 with the following models 6612, 6615 6616.5

Maintenance, repair, upgrades, , call-outs, whatever your Linpic related needs just get in touch on 0116 287 6633