New Alba Storage Carousel

A Vertical Storage Carousel also known as Automated Storage and Retrieval or Paternoster systema is a series of rotating carriers which can store small and medium sized parts that are connected to a drive chain. The carriers travel in vertical motion in either a forward or reverse direction around an oval track. A specific carrier can be called to the service opening for fast efficient pick or putaway within seconds. An ideal space saving solution in a warehouse.

A vertical storage carousel allow operators to store and retrieve small and medium sized parts in fixed or dynamic locations in the carrier for compact high density storage. They can be manually operated through a keypad on the carousel or for smarter and efficient operations they can be connected to software for full stock management standalone or via the customers ERP / MRP system.

We can bespoke your carousel to meet your requirements. We supply a low cost, low maintenance carousel with no bepoke control parts.

The Alba carousel can be connected together to form separate areas or zones similar to storage racks but with the benefit of “goods to man” principle parts are available to the operator. These carousels can be built to specification with heights from 2.6m to 7m for carousels and 3m to 4m width.

Benefits of a carousel include:

  • High density storage capacity
  • Ergonomic handling of parts
  • Increased pick rates
  • Minimize inaccurate picks
  • Parts remain dust free
  • Parts are secure from theft and can be traced
  • Reduce labour costs and much more
  • There are multiple options for carousel openings with access openings front and back for storage of parts on one side and retrieval on the other. There can also openings on single or multiple floors.
  • Best of all carousels are affordable to small and large companies with finance options available.

Alba Carousel Machines

Group 226
Group 227
Group 228
Group 229

Carousel Shelf options:

Plain Carriers

Double Carriers

Triple Carriers