vertical storage
vertical storage

We are a leading company in vertical storage. We provide specific solutions for each and every one of our customers!

Linnex are vertical storage carousel specialists with over 30 years experience servicing, upgrading and moving all kinds of storage systems. If you have a current storage carousel or shuttle and need advice or technical assistance then we can help.

Linnex are agents for Alba Smart storage who manufacture a superb range of material handling equipment from Carousels, Shuttles to wire and tyre machines. Each machine is fully featured with excellent build quality.

Our portfolio of customers range from small to large corporations in every sector of the market. Please give us a call or use our chat service.

Dream Big Inspiring Solution

Providing innovative solutions for end to end automation of storage and material handling is our key focus area. A large part of our activity is centred around research and development activities to foster product innovation. All with a single focussed goal: Providing Enhanced Value to our clients through our automation solutions on a continuous basis..!


The way you all listen to your customers while also prioritizing product enchancements should be the gold standard.



Incredible service and great products.

Harold Harry

CEO & Founder

Why Choose Linnex?

  • iconBecause we’re easy to work with
  • iconBecause we offer a Reliable Service
  • iconBecause we focus on results
  • iconBecause we will save you money
  • iconWe are experts in storage carousels and Shuttles
  • iconMost of all because we would love to work with you