We offer a vast range of storage systems apart from Kardex, Linpic and other makes and models. We can also supply complete bespoke or standard open storage systems

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  • Tyre


The motorized tyre carousel makes use of vertical ceiling height to organise, store, display and access the tyres in order to minimize your storage footprint.This semi-automated storage system for tyre storage provides high density storage in exceedingly little footprint which allows for saved space to be used for an alternative revenue generating system.

We supply suitable Tyre carousels for various tyres from bike to cars and vans or any other type of tyre.

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  • Wire Carousel


Store, Sell or Dispense from an open carousel system. Keep spools or reels of wire, cable, rope or hose in an organised single location.

This machine can be used in Retail, Trade, Warehouse or manufacturing.

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  • Garment Carousel


Store Garmets, uniforms, suits, coats, trousers and more finished goods on hanging Garment storage carousels. Keeping like garments together neatly and in a compact storage location using the full height of the ceiling.

Maximise storage density and increase storage space. Use in Hospitals, Hotels, Retail and Laundrettes.

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  • Carpet/ Roll Carousel

Carpet Carousel

Organise large and difficult to manage carpet, fabric or paper rolls of various width and diameter sizes. Reduce floor space and organize rolls of carpet in a motorized open carousel. Work at an ergonomic height and reduce bending, stretching, lifting and pushing.

Store your goods with industry-approved methods and prevent accidental slips, trips and falls caused by improperly stored materials.We can also supply accessories for this machine including trolley and cutting.