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Vertical Storage carousel

A Convenient and efficient way to store and retrieve small and sized medium parts in a series of carriers rotating in a vertical oval loop.

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Vertical Storage Lift / Shuttle

A height optimised Storage system with automatic weight and height tray detection. Store and retrieve trays for swift retrieval.

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Used Carousels and VLM’s

We stock a large industrial selection of used and refurbished Kardex, Linpic / Linvar, Megamat systems. Please see check our stock or call for further details

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Paternoster Open Storage Systems

Organise your Spools, Wires reels, tyres, carpets and more on low wear chain drive systems.

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Office Storage Solution

Secure and protect the movement of Documents, lateral files and folders. Rotary Storage, mobile racking or office carousels.

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Linnscan Software

Manage inventory in the carousel or Vertical Lift module with carousel Management software (CMS). Software that can interface to most brands including Linpic / Linvar, Kardex and more

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  • Used Storage Carousels

  • If you’re looking to buy or sell a storage carousel or shuttle then Linnex can help. With a wide range of VLMs and carousels available we can provide you with a fully tested and refurbished machine with all the latest panels and software.
  • Our used carousels are often better than the original models after our customisable upgrades and we can find the perfect machine for you today and have it installed in no time!
  • We specialise in second hand carousels with probably the largest stock of used storage machines available for immediate purchase anywhere in the UK and of course every machine is backed with excellent service and repair services.
  • We can offer service contracts for 12, 24 or 36 months. We offer service for all models Machines.

If you’re looking for a particular model that’s not listed, give us a call on

0116 287 6633